Lutheran Women of Australia President’s Report

This triennium I have met many beautiful, inspiring Lutheran ladies across Australia. I have seen your strength and love to each other and your support on a National and International level. An amazing amount of $388,818.93 has been raised for projects, even with a COVID year in the middle. Thank you one and all for contributions and your devotion and commitment, serving in your local areas supporting your congregations and State projects also…

LWA mid-term council meeting report

Lutheran Women of Australia (LWA) Mid-Term Council Meeting 27,28 October 2020 This not being a ‘typical’ year initiated a different way of hosting this mid-term meeting of representatives from across Australia. We met via Zoom, commencing at 12 noon EST to facilitate a respectable time for all to participate, noting a three-hour difference between western and eastern states. Led by our Spiritual Advisors, Pastor Ernie Kiss and Pastor Chris Raatz, our meeting sessions were covered …

50 years later the good things remain

Lutheran Women of Australia was in its infancy in 1969 at the tender age of three, as was our magazine. In taking a peek at what was happening then, there are many points to the argument that ‘the more things change the more they remain the same’. The president of LWA was Dulcie Held (Mrs S H Held) of Adelaide and the editor of Lutheran Women was Doris Koch (Mrs T W Koch). Lutheran Women (published bi-monthly) subscription was 90 cents per annum. The following are excerpts from our magazine in 1969.

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