A sea of pink. Ladies at the LWA convention in Adelaide in 2013

Christian women - meeting together ... studying together ... serving together - under God

Lutheran Women of Australia (LWA) is an auxiliary, or support organisation, of the Lutheran Church of Australia & New Zealand (LCA-NZ).

We are a national association of Lutheran women offering you:

  • a chance to grow in faith as you study God’s Word
  • stimulation through being with other Christian women of all ages from many walks of life
  • opportunities to share your Christian journey with others with similar objects and ideals
  • friendship in a non-threatening group situation
  • a chance to put your faith into action through service
  • being part of a group whose head is Christ, and whose ideal is his love and service

LWA is made up of five districts: New South Wales/ACT, Queensland, South Australia–Northern Territory, Victoria/Tasmania and Western Australia. The districts, in turn, are made up of the women’s groups from local congregations or parishes within each district, and individual members*.

LWA encourages the development of a variety of groups and many types of service. Any group willing to embrace the ideals of LWA and the concept of being ‘Loved by God, sharing this love with others’, is very welcome.

Your LWA groups can do all sorts of creative things together, like sewing, crafting, photography, and cooking, as well as having social outings and special interests such as films, music and theatre. These can be combined with Bible study, worship and fellowship.

Lutheran Women of Australia offers a chance to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, his church, your local congregation, and the community. 

*No Opportunity to join a group?

You can become an individual member of Lutheran Women of Australia by contacting us through our Contact Us page.

On a larger scene

Each district meets annually in convention, except Queensland which meets biennially. The LWA (or National) Convention is held in conjunction with, and just prior to, the General Convention of the Lutheran Church of Australia. This is usually a triennial event.

Conventions give you the opportunity to meet with other like-minded women from throughout your district and Australia-wide and to gain first-hand knowledge of the scope of service that LWA achieves on a state, national and international  level.