50 years later the good things remain

Lutheran Women of Australia was in its infancy in 1969 at the tender age of three, as was our magazine. In taking a peek at what was happening then, there are many points to the argument that ‘the more things change the more they remain the same’. The president of LWA was Dulcie Held (Mrs S H Held) of Adelaide and the editor of Lutheran Women was Doris Koch (Mrs T W Koch). Lutheran Women (published bi-monthly) subscription was 90 cents per annum. The following are excerpts from our magazine in 1969.


Received from Hermannsburg

All the Aboriginal people of Hermannsburg want to say thank you to all of you for the Christmas Cheer … This year the people made up a list of all the names of the people who were to receive Christmas Cheer, packed all the parcels and gave the parcels out on Christmas Eve.

Mrs Radke [Olga] only helped us in buying some tins of food with the money you sent us. We like doing as much as we can to help ourselves. We are always very happy that there are staff people to help us at things which we find hard to do.

From LWSA President Martha Zweck

Our own SA Convention held at the Hindmarsh Town Hall last May (1968) was attended by 900 Lutheran women … At Christmas over 3000 bags of cheer and other gifts gladdened the hearts of patients [in Adelaide hospitals] … The Social Welfare Committee spent much time and energy helping people in need. Foster homes were found for 14 children.

From Queensland

Trinder Park Rest Home will benefit from the offering [at the Southern Metropolitan and South Coast Zone Fellowship day].


From The President’s Column (LWA)

We recently had our first executive meeting for this year … Pastor Adams (Spiritual Adviser) showed us our work … was God-given, and we, in turn, should offer our services to the women of our Church, to whom we are responsible.

From Rosemary Winderlich in Lab Lab, New Guinea

New Guinea Christian women have their ‘guilds’ too. Those who came early sat chewing betel nut, with pieces of vine dipped in lime made from coral. … This year there is a good women’s leader; the wife of the Bible School teacher is also doing her best. We eventually decided to hold our local meetings on Sundays after church [and] to try to grow vegetables and sell them to mission staff and to donate the proceeds to some mission work.

Interesting overseas visitor

Mrs Oswald Hoffmann, wife of Lutheran Hour (USA) speaker, Oswald Hoffmann, joined her husband who was visiting in Adelaide. Among the functions arranged in her honour was a reception at the home of Mrs H A Zweck.

LWQ Convention at Toowoomba

Guest speaker, Mrs P D Pahl, aroused the deepest interest in her talk on Lutheran World Service in the Middle East. A sad and vivid picture was presented of the plight of uprooted thousands of refugees and the big scale of relief projects being carried out. She stressed the continuing need for aid to help the starving and homeless masses of fellow humans.


Retiring office-bearers – Mesdames S Sabel, Vice-President; M Shrowder, Treasure; S Held, President; Ev Leske, Secretary.


Incoming team – Mesdames A Zweck, 5th Member; I Roennfeldt, President; F Eckert, Vice-President; R Drew, Secretary; C Oppermann, Treasurer.


The Council of LWA met in Adelaide. The fledgling LWWA sent Mrs A Brooks as a representative for their first ever council meeting. The council welcomed the WA women through their representative and wished them well as they faced an often difficult task of ‘contending with isolation and long travelling distances’.

From Lavington, New South Wales

Members spent a happy and busy time at their sewing machines, when 53 pairs of shorts were made for New Guinea Christmas Cheer.

From LWSA President Martha Zweck

The Lutheran Church of Australia, South Australian District has purchased [at a cost of $25,000 - Ed.] the former church plant of the Enfield Parish, situated at 309 Prospect Road, Blair Athol, for a Welfare Centre.

Our LWSA was asked by the South Australian District of our Church to make themselves responsible for the purchase of the hall and equipping of same [half of the total cost - Ed.].


From LWV President Jessie Tepper

In response to a letter from the Hall’s Gap Camp Building Committee … a committee of three was appointed to select and purchase kitchen equipment and soft furnishings for this camp.


From Zion, Gawler, South Australia

With grateful hearts Zion Lutheran Ladies Guild, Gawler, celebrated its 50th Anniversary in October.

From Western Australia State Reporter Mavis Davey

We are so small in comparison to our sister auxiliaries of the east, but by no means less enthusiastic. We have been a recognised auxiliary for only one year, but the results to date are most encouraging.

From Queensland State Reporter Tess Drew

Glencoe assisted Darling Downs Youth Camp, made shorts for New Guinea, and collected used clothing for Brisbane City Mission. Mackay corresponded with a mission worker in New Guinea, and supported the Children’s Home in Indonesia. Mrs J Bjelke-Petersen, wife of the Premier of Queensland, attended the LWQ Convention.

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Grace has a passion for Lutheran Women of Australia, having served as President and Editor of Lutheran Women. She is a member at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Adelaide SA and is part of the Editorial Team.

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