Combined LWQ Retreat and Convention 2023

Lutheran Women of Queensland retreat and Convention was held on 19 –21 May 2023 at Maroochy Waterfront Camp & Conference Centre, Maroochydore. Our theme throughout the weekend was Courage to tell our story, 1 Corinthians 16:13.

Long-lasting Wondrous Quality-time or Love Wondrously Qualified were just two acronyms that could be used to describe our first ever combined LWQ Retreat/Convention. Sincere thanks and gratitude to the Legendary Welcoming Quirkiness of the West Moreton Zone for the capable manner in hosting this Lively Widespread and Quaint event. Everyone present was passionate about the work of our Lutheran Women of Queensland.

Fifty seven ladies, many accompanied by their husbands, who then participated in a well organised men’s program travelling to various local “tourist” attractions and enjoying their “fish ‘n chips”on the water’s edge, attended this initial event. We also welcomed our LWA President, Grace Kroehn, two pastors and numerous guests. Within those present were 13 first-timers.

The theme, Courage to tell our story was certainly illustrated when we heard testimonies and stories from members of the “God Squad” motorcycle group (many ladies took the opportunity to be photographed sitting on these huge bikes). And again, with our Dinner Speakers, Lyndal Mayer and Eunice Wallis, who participate in many projects in a Lutheran area of Kamuli, Uganda (building churches and schools) and have set up Dorcas Cottage where women learn to sew and make “Birthing kits” and “Dignity kits” for the local girls to allow them to attend school. They also sell garments at markets to have an income to continue this endeavour. Lyndal and Eunice are hoping to establish more sewing rooms in other areas. Both the “God Squad” and Lutheran Women of Uganda shared the more than $1800 offering. Lutheran Women of Uganda and LYQ Ministries will be the LWQ Projects commencing in 2024. Maybe you have already read more of their story, featured in the June/July Lutheran Women magazine on pages 17–19.

On several occasions throughout the weekend, we were “confined” to our animal cages! Each individual “caged animal” produced a face mask from supplied “junk” items to depict themselves; and then came up with a slogan to sell themselves! We had cages of llamas, elephants, meerkats, monkeys, koalas, pandas, giraffes, wombats, lorikeets, and cassowaries – all manner of paws, claws, feathers, and fur! We were back “in our cages” for Bible Study and the Think Tank. Bible Studies are always heart-warming and inspirational and the Think Tank produced some innovative ideas for ladies to take home to their Fellowships. We also heard from Christine Mathias speaking with passion on the initiatives of Grow Ministries.

Memorial candles were lit by the President or her representative from each of our seven zones. The two short convention sessions ran smoothly and were efficiently conducted by Vice President, Lynette Weise. The goodies bag contained puzzles, trinkets and Jaffas (Jesus Acts for Full Atonement and Salvation).

The uplifting and inspiring Sunday worship service included the installation of the LWQ Executive: Val Kath (President), Hazel Weis (Vice President), Avalon Hall (Secretary), Leanne Warbroke (Treasurer) and Colette Mangan (Extra Member). The sermon, delivered by Pastor Paul Hage, LWQ Spiritual Adviser (retiring), brought together the Courage to tell our story theme and Ascension Sunday with Pastor Peter Geyer (WMZ Counsellor) leading the service.

This Long aWaited Quintessential weekend wrapped up with the singing of the theme song, Colours of Day.

So light up the fire and let the flame burn, open the door, let Jesus return

Take seeds of his Spirit, let the fruit grow, tell the people of Jesus, let his love show.

Avalon Hall, reporter

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