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Bible Study – October 2021

Not her again!

Whilst one could critique the idea of studying “The Wife of Noble Character” for what could be the umpteenth time in Women’s Bible studies. What if we reconsider our preconceptions of her as a model wife, we all romanticise and (is it me?) fail in epic proportions to achieve? Is she the demure holy wife one only reads about and will never become? As always, the Word of God is living and active (Hebrews 4:12). So, we pray now for the Holy Spirit to inspire our reading and consideration of this often-misapplied chapter, understood by many to be a poem about Wisdom herself.

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The Bible - the word of God

Bible Study – September 2021

WHERE IS GOD IN OUR SUFFERING – Part 2 Opening Prayer: Heavenly Father, as we continue our journey in your Word, open our hearts and minds to how you are with us in our suffering. May we be truly blessed through this time of fellowship around your Word. Help us to trust in your goodness and mercy which follows us all the days of our lives. May we always be assured of your presence with …

The Bible - the word of God

Bible Study – August 2021

WHERE IS GOD IN OUR SUFFERING – Part 1 Opening Prayer: Heavenly Father, as we study your Word and have this time of fellowship around your Word, may we all be blessed through your Word and the discussions we have today. May we always be assured of your presence with us. In Jesus name. Amen. Theme Bible Verse: Open your Bibles and read Isaiah 40:27–31. Introduction Why do you say, O Jacob, and speak, O …

The Bible - the word of God

Bible Study – July 2021

Getting ready! Joseph’s story In our last study we looked at Mary and Elizabeth, and how their getting ready for the next stage of their lives was disrupted by God for a different, greater purpose. They responded with joy and understanding that, through his interruption in their lives, God was bringing salvation to the world. Today, let’s consider Joseph. He too was getting ready: for marriage to Mary, for children – maybe a son or …

The Bible - the word of God

Bible Study – June 2021

Think of a major event in your past life: perhaps finishing a study course, getting married, having a baby, the trip of a lifetime …
Can you remember how it was for you preparing for that event? Getting ready?
The nights lying awake planning, down to the smallest details.
So many phone calls, conversations, errands – and the lists!
How did you feel? What were your thoughts?
Our June Bible Study, lead by Pauline Simonsen looks into the idea of Getty Ready … study along.

The Bible - the word of God

Bible Study – May 2021

Receiving “new things” “New” is what is given to us through Christ Jesus, and worked in, and into, us by the Holy Spirit, our God-given Helper. Last month we took time in Isaiah 43, where the Lord says, “See, I am doing a new thing”, using the metaphor or picture of bringing life into dry wasteland, relating that to his people. It’s amazing that every day the Lord is doing new things! He makes everything …

The Bible - the word of God

Bible Study – April 2021

See, I am doing a new thing The Lord likes to be involved in our lives. He has created us to be in relationship with him, yet he also values highly the freedom he has given us to choose, whether we will go our own way, away from him; or whether we will trust him and let him lead us into his best for us. We are not robots. We freely receive from the Lord …

The Bible - the word of God

Bible Study – March 2021

ALL THINGS BEING NEW – Daily Renewal You are new in Christ! Yay! Set apart by God! Hooray! Now what? New as we are, we still live in the fallen flesh. We, the children of God, sin. So, who are the baptised in Christ? Are we just the new person? Are we an odd mix of the old and the new? We live in a broken world, and the old self (it’s still there) is continuously …

The Bible - the word of God

Bible Study – February 2021

ALL THINGS BEING NEW – New in Christ  What a wonderful time the new year is—full of hopes and promises. New Year’s resolutions are loaded with the assumption that this year will be the best year yet, at least better than 2020 (let’s not talk about that, right?). We promise to remake ourselves into new person. This year I will be a new me, the best version of myself that I can be.  Yet, even if we …

The Bible - the word of God

Bible Study – January 2021

We pray the Word of Christ continues to live in you richly through the singing of psalms and hymns and spiritual songs. We encourage you to sing a new song each month of AD 2021. Singing God’s Word brings hope and peace to all ages We’ve often heard it said that Christmas is really “a special time just for kids”. We disagree. It’s a joyful time for all people, the young, those in their middle …

The Bible - the word of God

Bible Study – December 2020

Sing God’s Word The Apostle Paul writes in Colossians 3:15,16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. (ESV) Singing Christ’s Word is an effective and joyful way of teaching, learning, and passing on the Christian faith. When God joins his Word to music through singing, he does extraordinary things, especially in families. His Word …

Bible Study – November 2020

God is a Farmer (Part 2) Open with a short prayer. During October and November, we are exploring the Biblical metaphor “God is a farmer.” As a farmer, God has planted you in his field (i.e. the world). He provides everything you need to grow and mature in faith, particularly his Word and Spirit. God employs farmhands — like you! — to work in his field to produce good fruit for his harvest. Read Isaiah …