Bible Study – April 2024

Extending hospitality today is likely to be much more casual than it was in biblical times, although that, too, can depend on how strong the traditions are in the culture of our personal context. For example, Asian and Indian customs may be quite different from our laid-back Aussie customs.

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Devotion – April 2024

Have you any siblings? What do conversations with them sound like? Often children from the same family are described as being “chalk and cheese”. Is that so for you?

Mary and Martha seem like “chalk and cheese”. It would be interesting to know if they were of similar ages, or how they shared the household duties. I get the impression that Martha is older, and I wonder if she was bossy or just very responsible. Was Mary easily distracted from a task or even lazy? Whatever my questions, they both appear devoted to Jesus – Martha devoted to serving him and Mary devoted to listening to him.
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