LWA executive committee on the day of their installation (from left): Beryl Smith – Treasurer, Maureen Turner – Vice President, Grace Kroehn – President, Bishop John Henderson, Dianne Adams – Extra Member (WA) and Val Schild – Secretary. 

The officers of Lutheran Women of Australia (LWA) are listed below.

They form the Executive of LWA and are elected by LWA Convention, and meet at least twice a year to attend to the business of the Council and LWA.

The Council of LWA consists of the LWA Executive, the presidents of each LWA District, plus one additional representative from each LWA District.

The Executive members usually come from the state in which the next Convention is to be held – the current executive are from South Australia and Western Australia.

LWA Executive

President: Grace Kroehn

Vice President: Maureen Turner

Secretary: Val Schild

Treasurer: Beryl Smith

Extra Member: Dianne Adams (WA)

Spiritual Advisors: Pastor Paul Fielke and Pastor John Gerhardy