Devotion – September 2023

In our backyard we have several fruit trees. One of my favourites is a peach tree that my mother grew from the seed of a particularly sweet, juicy peach she had purchased from a supermarket. Affectionately called “Mum’s Peach”, this little tree has had good years and not so good years, mostly depending on whether I have remembered to spray for curly leaf. When I have neglected to spray, my yields are severely impacted. The fruit is generally fewer and smaller. However, when I have placed time and effort into controlling this disease, then the fruit is usually large, sweet, and juicy just like the original parent fruit that my mother had purchased all those years before. Read the full devotion …

Bible Study – September 2023

Gracious Triune God, you were there at the beginning of creation. You brought everything into being simply by a spoken Word. Be with us this day as we again study your powerful and living Word. Allow your Word to create, nurture, and sustain the faith that you first gave to us in our baptism. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Bible Study – August 2023

Good and goodness are two words that are popular in everyday language. Many of us have a preconceived idea of what they mean. As a parent of pre-teens, I hope and pray that my children are good in public and at home. I also hope that I am a good husband and a good father.

We often hear that people hope to go to heaven because they have been a “good” person in this life; yet if they do not have a “personal” relationship with Jesus this may not be so.
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Devotion – August 2023

It was the morning of the second day of winter, a grey blanket of cloud hung low stretching to the horizon. Drizzly rain smeared my windscreen making everything seem even greyer. Soggy paddocks anchored a patchwork of woolly sheep huddled together to conserve some heat. Even the birds had perched closely on the telephone wires leaving no gaps between their feathers.
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