Gladstone Fellowship 50th Anniversary

On Saturday 6 April, Gladstone Ladies Fellowship gathered together at Carol Hartwig’s home for a High Tea luncheon to celebrate 50 years since the group formed.
It was wonderful that one of the founding members, Felicity Bradford from Maleny, as well as Eunice Raymond, from Ashmore (Gold Coast) who had joined the fellowship group a couple of years later, were able to join in the celebrations. A couple members from Rockhampton fellowship also attended and enjoyed the festivities.

50 years later the good things remain

Lutheran Women of Australia was in its infancy in 1969 at the tender age of three, as was our magazine. In taking a peek at what was happening then, there are many points to the argument that ‘the more things change the more they remain the same’. The president of LWA was Dulcie Held (Mrs S H Held) of Adelaide and the editor of Lutheran Women was Doris Koch (Mrs T W Koch). Lutheran Women (published bi-monthly) subscription was 90 cents per annum. The following are excerpts from our magazine in 1969.