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Greetings in the name of Jesus our Saviour. May his love strengthen and encourage you.

God can certainly throw us some curve balls!! The last three years have continuously been full of drama, upheaval, and change. I know that through all this God has been guiding, growing, and providing what we need, to do his will.

In NSW/ACT we have continued to have Fellowship days, Retreats and Conventions, at least until 2020.

In 2019 the talented ladies of Culcairn hosted our Retreat at Warrambui with the theme of For I am the Lord. I change not. How comforting it is to know that God is always reliable. This became very relevant in 2020 when it felt like everything could and would change, to know that God was, is, and will be always with us and in control, is very steadying. A month later the welcoming ladies of Henty hosted my first convention as president, what a wonderful day it was, with the theme of Light Keepers. We were encouraged to live so those around us would see that we are followers of Jesus.

Fellowship days were held at Culcairn Who am I? and Woden Walk my way – to Nepal. Other Fellowship days were cancelled due to low numbers of members in those zones. It is sad to think that many of our fellowships are going into recess and closing, not always because there are no Lutheran women (though we are aging) but somehow many of the women of today find meeting together for dedicated Christian fellowship not important or worth the time.

Everyone was getting ready for a big 2020. The Retreat and Convention were all organised and ready to go. Due to a District Synod of convention and ANZAC day, dates had been changed so, when a week after our district synod, the lock down of borders and restrictions on public events happened, our whole year/world changed. Events were firstly postponed and then cancelled as the pandemic continued and we learned to live very differently. The ladies of LWNSW/ACT were not confident to travel around, even inside NSW, as many of them are older and as the virus was affecting that age group more severely, most of the organising committees decided not to take chances and cancelled most larger gatherings. Some of the individual fellowships did start meeting again later in the year, and I believe most have been meeting in 2021.

So now we need to look forward. By the time you read this, the Southern Zone will have had their Fellowship Day at Henty with the theme of Share, Care, Prayer which is relevant in these uncertain times, that we can all still share, care and pray for and about those around us, and those who may be physically distant but dear to our hearts. We hope that other zones will be able to hold fellowship days later in the year.

We will have had our convention at Woden in June. The theme for this is Building on the Rock, and we hope that those attending will continue to feel that they have a solid foundation in Jesus as they continue to live as his people as he gives new opportunities to us in these uncertain times. That they know that Jesus supports them as they step out in faith and boldly meet people where they are. At this convention, I will be stepping down as president due to the changing circumstances that God is placing my husband and me in. I have done my best as president though, at times, I feel I have been inadequate, but I am very grateful for the support and friendship of those serving on the executive with me. I look forward to continuing to serve on the executive in a lesser role.

Due to the distance many travel, and the advancing age of many of our ladies, we decided to postpone our retreat, which was planned to happen in March, for another year in the hope that by March 2022, with vaccines and fewer outbreaks, it will be easier for us to meet as a big group safely.

I pray that you all continue to feel God’s blessings in the future.

God loves you.

Charmain Lieschke

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