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Walla Walla Women’s Fellowship was started on 17 December 1925 by Pastor JTP Stolz. The Ladies Guild, as it was called at that time, met quarterly, then in 1927 bi-monthly, and since 1933 monthly.

In 1968 a membership of 83 was recorded, and on average 50 attended monthly meetings. In recent years, with less women in the congregation, and more working women involved in family and sporting activities, the average attendance has been less than 10.

As is the case with all Lutheran women in Australia, we have been restricted in meetings and activities for the past two years due to COVID. When allowed to meet, it has been for a one-hour Coffee and Chat, which has included a short devotion given by Pastor Dan.

Every year, we hold an Advent afternoon, which includes a program and afternoon tea to which all Walla Walla residents, 70 years and over, are invited. This brings them, and us, much joy and blessing. Thankfully, we were able to organise it again in 2021. However, invitations were greatly limited due to COVID guidelines.

It is our custom to finish the year with a meal at a local coffee shop. In November 2021, this included saying goodbye to Pastor Mueller and Jenny, who, with their three children, moved to the Buderim parish in Queensland, in February 2022.

During the past two years, our fund raising for LWA projects, NSW projects (in particular Warrambui and St Pauls College), and for improvements to our church and hall has been restricted. Women of the congregation work together with us when catering is done, mostly for funerals and birthday celebrations.

We are thankful to God for the women who have gone before us these past 96 years, and we are thankful for present opportunities to meet and to be inspired by our motto, “To live in Christ, to learn of Christ, to work for Christ, and to have fellowship with Christ”.

Monica Simpfendorfer, Secretary.

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