LWWA Friendship Day held at Duncraig on 30 October, 2021

It was a beautiful day where nearly 60 ladies and a few guys came together to enjoy time together in God’s presence for a fellowship day titled Abundant Blessings.

We were blessed to have Bishop Mike Fulwood, Pastor Glenn Crouch, Pastor Rudolph, and his lovely wife Maria, to lead us for the day.

We commenced the day with singing of several songs 10,000 Reasons, Shout to the Lord and Blessed Assurance.

Maria Rudolph was our Bible study leader on “Joseph with the coat of many colours”, a man of God, through good and bad times. Maria brought the Bible study to life with biblical pictures on the screen to tell the story.

We sang another song, Blessed be your name in memory of Pixie Chappell, one of our extra members who passed away since the convention in May.

Jenny and Dianne performed a skit entitled, “Someone who once knew her!” Ephesians 5:1.

Theme: Witnessing children’s ministry. Two people, who were attending the funeral of their Sunday school teacher, reminisce about how wonderful their teacher was and how much she loved Jesus and that he loved everyone too, with some funny comments about attendance and knowledge of Bible quizzes etc. Appearance of each person was also highlighted as they were, as children to adults.

We had a couple of spot guest speakers speaking on how God had blessed these women abundantly through their lives. These ladies were Louise Hampel and Theresa Worrall.

Another memorial song was sung. Abide with me for Pirko Snare who passed away earlier this year. Pirko was also on the LWWA committee.

We were also privileged to hear Becca Schubert talking about planting a new church in Rockingham named, “Everhope Lutheran Church”. It was very exciting to listen to her speak on the passion they have of making this church a reality. Collection from the day went to the new church plant.

The day closed with a holy communion service and then saying farewell to our friends.

Jenny Forrest

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