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Australian Lutheran College (ALC) has faced many challenges in its operation over the past triennium. Having adjusted to the closure of the tertiary boarding facility and the consequent closure of the refectory, COVID-19 has also presented challenges to the way ALC operates.

The aging of current accommodation and the depreciation of other amenities have also meant that the distribution of funds from Lutheran Women of Australia (LWA) has given us many challenges.

Apart from funding general upkeep of the property and refurbishment of units on site as they become vacant after families of graduating pastors move on, we have carefully considered the many opportunities in how to disperse the funds made available to us from LWA.

With more demand for online learning and many students generally studying from home due to COVID, and a sizeable influx of funds made available to us from LWA, we were happy to provide some $10 000, to cover costs of necessary equipment to facilitate the online learning program for now and into the future.

We were also able to fund a new sandpit for the playground at the college, purchase raised beds for growing vegetables by student families and supply several shade trees for the student common area. We have also sought help from volunteers willing to spend a few hours or more helping with the upkeep of the campus.

At our May meeting in 2021 we were informed that a white ant problem had been detected on the campus. We are happy that the $3400 we allocated for maintenance at that meeting was able to cover the remedial work done.

We are thankful for the support from ALC Principal, Pastor James Winderlich, who attends our meetings keeping us up to date with current information. We also gratefully acknowledge the work of Barclay Watson, who recently relinquished his position as Business Manager; Maintenance Manager, Grant Mattner; and Student Representative, Jacob Fabich.

This triennium has seen the retirement of long-standing member Val Allen, and we were happy to welcome Elizabeth Huckel to our auxiliary. Our committee consists of five committed members: Elizabeth, Pam Oster (Secretary), Faye Pfeiffer (Treasurer), Ruth Noack and myself.

Thank you for the trust you place in us, your monetary support for ALC and your prayers. It is a blessing to serve our Lord and ALC on your behalf.

Grace Bock, President

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