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When I was a child someone wrote the following verse in my autograph book that has stuck with me throughout my life.

It’s all very well to be pleasant
when everything goes like a song;
but the one that’s worthwhile
is the one that can smile
when everything goes just wrong.

OK! We need to be realistic! We cannot hope to go about with a constant smile on our faces. It is impossible to be “Pollyannas” every moment of the day. We need to be able to slam the odd door, throw the odd towel, or do whatever one does to let off steam.

We need to wail, and moan and weep. I think God expects it! Think of the psalms, and the prophets. Consider Jesus’ tears over Jerusalem! The Bible contains many passages of moaning or “laments”.

Yet in the midst of our tears, flashes of brilliant joy shine through. Think of the sun bursting through the storm clouds, the rain drumming on the parched earth, the wayward child who finally makes contact, the joy of the baby after the pain of its birth!

In the midst of our difficulties there is always something – or Someone – to which we can cling. We can rejoice and give thanks because our loving God remains our constant in everything we are and do. In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. Romans 8:37.

This year we will be focusing on this in our magazine. Our overriding theme will be “In everything, give thanks” For further exploration of this topic read the whole of Romans 8.

Your editorial team prays that our magazine will give you food for thought, enjoyment in reading, ideas and inspiration.

About the Author

Grace Bock

Grace has a passion for Lutheran Women of Australia, having served as President and Editor of Lutheran Women. She is a member at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Adelaide SA and is part of the Editorial Team.

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