So … is the Drought really over?

Australia is indeed blessed!

We have weathered the global pandemic better than most countries and are now in the fortunate position of re-opening our doors to the rest of the world, gradually restoring a sense of normality in our daily lives.

Throughout the pandemic Australia was fortunate to be home to some of the best food and textile producers in the world, enabling us to feed and clothe our own with confidence despite closed borders and halted imports.

In a heartbreaking twist, sadly, some of the same farmers who continue to feed and clothe us even to this day, are doing so while struggling to feed and clothe their own families.

In 21st Century Australia how can this be happening?

Neville and Cheryl Mirtschin stand in the shade of a large fig tree.

Drought, Trials, Miracles – God’s Power at Work

Thinking of the events of our life – I am in awe of God’s power and glory and perfect timing. He has revealed himself to us, our family, in an amazing way. Being a Christian all my life we ask, in our prayers, that God would protect, guide, and keep us. When he does that in a way that we can’t mistake his presence and power, we feel very blessed and humble together. We all …