St James, Whyalla

We thank and praise God for another year of fellowship and being able to continue without the leadership of a pastor. Our average attendance is 14 and we alternate the meetings between Bible study and a guest speaker. The meetings are held in the church hall in warmer months and in private homes during winter.

In May we held our Mother’s Day trading table at a local supermarket. Once a month we either have soup mornings or a morning tea after the Service to raise money for our projects. We also support Lifeline and RFDS.

Some of our members are busy knitting blanket squares and beanies. The finished products or proceeds from sales are donated to Support Agencies in our area.

Thirty birthing kits were made and taken to Adelaide for distribution. We have been fortunate to have been given rolls of flannel which has been used for nappies. A great team of workers make this possible.

Our members have participated in all Whyalla Christian Women’s gatherings, such as World Day of Prayer, Birthday Celebrations and Advent Service. Members have also attended Zone functions and LWSA-NT Convention.

2020 promises to be an exciting year with our new pastor, Pastor Lee Van Rossen, Sonja and little Malia moving here at the end of January. Praise the Lord.

Dianne Zimmermann

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