President's Reflections

President’s Reflections – April, 2020

‘The Lord is my Shepherd’. Without this I am nothing …

We hear these words numerous times in our worship, in either songs of praise or in our liturgy.

I was asked to choose the Bible readings for my older brother’s funeral just before Christmas. I was having difficulty, so I texted my Pastor Mat for suggestions. I knew that a lot of seasonal Christians would be attending, and I wanted the service to reflect on the Christian faith, reflect on the truth of our dear Saviour, to be a witness, a light for all to see.

My busy Pastor Mat came back to me within four minutes of receiving my request, that he would give me some options later that evening. This was a Friday night and, later that evening, I received four different passages to consider. John 14:1–6 was chosen, but I felt that a second reading was needed to reinforce Jesus’ words to those attending.

My loving husband Geoff, who had just driven up with our three youngest adult children, suggested that Psalm 23 would also be a comfort to those who were attending.

We in the Easter season, where we rejoice at the resurrection of Jesus, the promise of all who believe in him, that they shall have eternal life. He was made like us, he partook of the same things, but through his death, he destroyed the one who has the power of death, the devil.

When we face difficulty in life, it helps to know that others have gone through similar circumstances. It is a comfort in knowing we are not alone, and we can come through this; we are supported by our loved ones and our faith. The writer of Hebrews 2:14–18, shows us that the Heavenly Father appointed his very own Son to become like us, John 1:14, to experience what we experience at our level: anguish, grief, all part of being human in today’s world.

Healing is right in front of us, Matthew 9:35–38 – God sees people lost and confused. He offers us perfect healing. Jesus took on our suffering when he went to the cross for our sins, John 19:1–37.

God knows all our frailties (disabilities), you may not see them in others! They don’t have to be visible. So, when we feel at wits’ end, he is there stretching out his hands, taking us into his arms, reaching into our lives, telling us that he will take our burden Matthew 11:28–30.

The Lord is my Shepherd … without this I am nothing!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, you gave us such a precious gift in your dear Son. He surrounds us in unending everlasting love, he takes our burdens and comforts us in all circumstances, for this we give you thanks. Amen.



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Wendy Habel

Wendy is President of Lutheran Women of Australia and a member of the Editorial team.

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