Convention 2021 Speakers

Jonathan Krause – Friday Guest Speaker

Jonathan is a life-long Lutheran – via St Michael’s Hahndorf, St John’s Unley, both in South Australia, Immanuel Lilydale, Victoria, now at Seaford South Australia. Jonathan says he is blessed to be married to high school sweetheart Julie (though it took her 35 years to say yes!). Together they have five and a half children and are excited to have become grandparents for the first time in 2020! Jonathan began life as a pastry-chef in a Czech bakery, then did a degree in Fiction Writing after discovering he wasn’t made to be a teacher like his dad. The degree led to Jonathan writing eight books, aiming to talk with people about Christian faith in a down-to-earth way. At the same time, Jonathan felt called to work to help people living in poverty – first at World Vision, then Christian Blind Mission, and now ALWS. Jonathan’s passion is to help Australians see the impact they make on the lives of the people they help. This has led to travelling in disaster regions across Africa and Asia to bring back stories. Jonathan says he has also been privileged to teach fundraising across Europe and North America. In his spare time, Jonathan loves reading, presenting messages at church, and hoping that one day Collingwood won’t break his heart.

Anna Duffy Krohn – Friday Dinner Speaker

Anna is a consultant to Chaplaincy and a presenter for community engagement projects across the campuses of the University of Notre Dame Australia.

A graduate in theology, Anna has worked as a researcher, educator, and an educational writer in the areas of pastoral theology, practical theology and healthcare ethics across a wide range of settings: from parish to post-graduate students.

Anna has been employed as student advisor, tutor, lecturer, teacher and educational writer at Australian Catholic University, the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family (Melbourne) and the Southern Cross Bioethics Institute in South Australia.

She regularly writes feature articles in Australian religious publications and designs print and on-line articles and other resources for young adults, women’s groups, healthcare professionals, and lay groups.

In an honorary capacity, Anna is Chair of the Australian Catholic Life, Marriage and Family Council (an advisory council) to the Australian Catholic Bishops. She also serves on Committees for the Caroline Chisholm Library and the Mary Glowrey Heritage Ltd.

Anna is also Convenor of the Anima Women’s Apostolate and, was recently, elected the President of the Catholic Women’s League (Victoria and Wagga Wagga), a voluntary Australian association established over a century ago which advocates and supports Catholic women within urban and regional settings.

Anna is currently undertaking PhD research at Notre Dame University into adult faith formation.

Lynda Henstridge, Jan Janetzki and Alana Finn – Saturday Speakers

These three Christian women will speak on the strength Christ has shown in their lives.

Lynda and Jan have been brought up and walked with Christ guiding their everyday highs and lows and always turning to God for life and support.

Alana found Christ as a young adult after her childhood years without the love and guidance of her Lord.

As committed Christians these three women, firm in their faith, will show that their strength comes from their Saviour.

God has called these women to speak from their hearts, testify to their lives and encourage you as Christian ladies to be Strong in the Lord.

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