Thoughts on our Father and his precious name

I wonder if Jesus was teaching us, when he started off the prayer with, “Our Father who art in heaven” that, “God is here. God is there. God is everywhere. Pray – so that YOU can reconnect with Abba, our Father, our Parent, our Creator, the One who was and is and is to come, Lord of Heaven and Earth”. It’s not the purpose of our call to bring God closer to us, but to bring our attention back to God.

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About the Author

Julie Hahn

Julie Hahn is a writer, wife of a Medical Research Scientist, volunteer, mum, and mum-in-law of five thriving young adults, a quilter, and a rock-painter. She likes to do her little bit to encourage others. She is former columnist of ‘Heart and Home’ in The Lutheran and is currently working on several non-fiction and fictitious books. Julie worships and serves with The Ark Lutheran Church in Salisbury.