The Princess and the Pauper Woman – Zu Bibi  (Part 2)

Peshawar, Pakistan 1997 There is a pair of well-worn, muddy shoes outside our door. On the inside, a faded shuttlecock burka hangs on a hook, and the sound of scrubbing comes from the kitchen. I look up from the rattling keys of my word processor. The thing I admire about Zu Bibi is her faithfulness. She comes across muddy fields, rain, hail or shine. She always comes. I’d never get all those letters done for the bishop if I didn’t have her coming part-time to help around the house. She’s …

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About the Author

Janna Lock

Janna and Grant Lock live in Adelaide. They were missionaries in Pakistan and Afghanistan for 24 years. For more of Janna’s stories, read Grant’s books, “Shoot Me First”, and “I’d Rather Be Blind”, available online or from Koorong Bookshops. Janna and Grant are popular speakers across Australia.