The Princess and the Pauper Woman – Ayisha (Part 1)

Peshawar, Pakistan. 1995 Grant and I are living in a block of flats. At 11:30 each day, five women gather for morning tea and a chitchat. Five women, with five different backgrounds and five different mother tongues. But each of us knows some Urdu, so it works. We all love Ayisha from Flat 2, the one with royal blood in her veins. She is refined, educated and quietly elegant. She buys her expensive perfume on visits to Dubai, but she never flaunts her genes or wealth. Ayisha is a member …

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About the Author

Janna Lock

Janna and Grant Lock live in Adelaide. They were missionaries in Pakistan and Afghanistan for 24 years. For more of Janna’s stories, read Grant’s books, “Shoot Me First”, and “I’d Rather Be Blind”, available online or from Koorong Bookshops. Janna and Grant are popular speakers across Australia.