President's Reflections

President’s Reflection – June 2019

‘That is not the way to look at it’, my friend at the youth group used to say to me as a child. WWJD is the abbreviation that she would use. If you haven’t heard that for a while, it means ‘What Would Jesus Do’.

Changes: are we ever prepared for these? In many situations can you prepare yourself?

As I grow up through the different cycles of my life, I have come to realise that one can never be truly prepared. When we think that we have got it all in hand; have the right answer; that is when it either comes unravelled or it takes an unexpected turn in another direction. Bingo: ‘WWJD’.

This is good! A light bulb moment happens and reminds you to put the situation into God’s hands and allow the Holy Spirit to bless and grow the ideas.

The LWA executive has stepped out in faith trusting God to bless the new direction that we are taking with the magazine.

We acknowledge the work that Robyn Kuchel has done, and we thank her for her commitment to the LWA as editor of the Lutheran Women magazine over several years.

We have formed an editorial team, and details and contacts can be found here.

Inspiration comes in different ways, and that is evident in the Bible Studies in this edition. Thank you, Andrea, for your beautiful words and examples of wonderful Christian women, we are one eternal family walking together by faith.

Be encouraged in the changes in our lives, families and congregations as we walk the path that God leads us on.

Lord, thank you that you are in charge of our lives and all the things we are concerned about. Help us to put our full to trust in you. Amen.

About the Author

Wendy Habel

Wendy is President of Lutheran Women of Australia and a member of the Editorial team.

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