Operation Christmas Shoebox

The Bible Study ladies, from Hickory Road Quinn’s Rocks, hosted an inspiring afternoon of fellowship on 5 October 2019. Thirty men and women and seven children attended.

The children were delighted to contribute and bring their shoeboxes that they had helped to pack for the children overseas. Rosemary Davidson welcomed all present and introduced Janet Lester who is the Good Samaritan Shoebox Co-ordinator from St John’s Lutheran Church, Perth. She was there to receive the 30 boxes that the gathering had made with love, to be sent to children in the Philippines for Christmas.

Janet spoke to all, particularly the children, so they could imagine children their age receiving their gift, possibly the only gift they will receive. Janet shared some heart-rending true stories about how a few of the children reacted as they received a box. One little orphan boy was adopted by a couple who had no children, who, after meeting the young boy, wanted to become his parents. All children are given a choice if they would like to learn about the Christians’ Saviour Jesus and how he came to earth as a baby called Emmanuel, which means God with us, and that Jesus lived and died an innocent death on a cross to complete God’s plan of salvation for all men for their sins. There is a twelve-lesson course, called The Greatest Journey, for all the children if they want to find out why people from overseas have shown them this act of kindness. In the villages, people prayed with the children to receive Christ, and last year over 2,000 children became believers in Jesus. One little boy called Alex said, “Now I know I will go to Heaven. All the stories from the Bible were new to me, and my favourite lesson was on Jesus’ death and resurrection”.

Janet described, especially to the children, the conditions of their daily lives, some even trying to cope with living in rubbish dumps! This profound picture was repeated the next day by some of the young boys who had attended, to their grandmother. The children had watched a video of the Shoeboxes being given out in Cambodia last year, which gave them a real understanding of the wonderful gift they had given.

Janet prayed a prayer of thanks for God’s provision for the Good Samaritans Christmas Shoeboxes, and asked for his blessing upon all those who would be receiving them, to know and believe in Jesus as their Saviour. Janet said that the boxes will go to the warehouse to be checked then sent by ship to their destination.

Adam Snell and Rachel Pocock led the group in singing, “Brother, let me be your Servant” and “This is the Day the Lord has made”. They concluded the afternoon singing “May the feet of God walk with you”, which moved our spirits with love.

Rosemary introduced her dear friend Helen Price from Pingelly, who has been supporting orphaned youths in Cambodia for many years. Helen, with some local Community Church support, has been providing these young boys with their schooling, house parents and accommodation and nurturing their futures financially in a real practical Mission outreach. Currently she is supporting two youths who have already passed their entrance exams to begin University. These young Christians are so glad to have this opportunity to learn well, help, and rebuild their country’s future, after their sad past when many educated professionals were killed.

Helen shared about her times visiting Cambodia and getting to know and love the people there. A beautiful woven Banner of the Cross was gifted to Helen and some lovely handmade ladies’ clothes, to remember the loving friends in Cambodia. Adam Snell prayed a blessing on Helen’s ministry in Cambodia and the many other people who outreach and prayerfully support people overseas.

Everyone then enjoyed fellowship over some delicious afternoon tea, commenting on how they were so happy to come together as a caring church.

Rosemary and the Quinn’s Rocks Bible Study ladies thanked all for their great support.

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