Culcairn Fellowship – NSW

Our Culcairn Fellowship gathers on a monthly basis in each other’s homes.

Bible study is led by Pastor Sturm and, if he is unable to attend, we use the Lutheran Women‘s study with everyone contributing. The opening devotions are taken by our ladies.

We have undertaken several outreach programs in our area:

  • In July we provided casseroles for the First Tuesday Club where, once a month, a home-cooked meal is served at the Uniting church to the shut-ins in our locality. Some of our members assist with this project on a regular basis. It has proven to be a very successful enterprise and is certainly greatly appreciated by those who need a helping hand due to decreased mobility or other health problems. Of course, the home cooked food is a special treat for the recipients but so is the interaction and companionship offered (indicated by the noise level of constant chatter!)
  • One of our members, Rhonda, has organised a Prayer, Care and Share Program where two people each month, on a roster system, reach out to those in need – maybe providing a meal, visiting or helping someone in the community who needs a lift
  • We continue to visit the aged residents in care. Our main aim is just to keep in touch with them, to show them we remember them and are concerned for their welfare
  • Several of our ladies assisted another member, Debbie (the expert), to make five beautiful quilts for foster children which are now ready for distribution. Each quilt becomes the personal property of the child and stays with them if they move on to new placement. It may be the only thing they have with them that is truly theirs. It has been shown, too, that even babies are calmed and sleep better when lying on their own quilt!

We continue to assist with church services and activities. Last year we happily packed 10 boxes for Samaritan’s Purse. In March this year we hosted The World Day of Prayer and a very successful LWNSW retreat. Then it was our turn to host the fellowship day for our region. We are blessed by our offerings which enable us to support the many and varied projects of our church.

We thank and praise God for the way he has blessed our fellowship as we strive to spread his love around.

With Blessings – St Stephens Ladies Fellowship

Heather Baker

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