Existing and New Projects for Lutheran Church of Australia International Mission

Like many of you, I was eagerly anticipating our time together in Horsham for the LWA Convention where I was hoping to offer these words of thanks in person and share with you the proposed projects for the next triennium. While that is not possible, I give thanks to God that even a world-wide pandemic and constant lockdowns are not enough to stifle his mission to bring forgiveness and life to people everywhere.
Pastor Matt Anker shares with us the projects that we will be supporting through LCAIM for the next triennia.

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Bible Study – July, 2020

Begin with Prayer. As a group within the LCA, Lutheran Women of Australia (LWA) is one of the biggest supporters of LCA International Mission and the work we do overseas on behalf of the church. What projects can you name that LWA support? (If you’re struggling to recall them all, have a look at the amazing list inside the cover of this magazine!) Each of these projects helps our partner churches proclaim the good news …

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Begin with prayer. When I first joined the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA) as an adult convert, many well-meaning church members would automatically change my surname to Zanker because, as I was told, everyone knows there are no Ankers in the LCA! In my second parish where the secretary’s surname was Zanker, she kindly started referring to herself as ‘zAnker’ to make me feel more at home. What a remarkable act of hospitality! While it …