Wide Bay – Burnett Zone Rally Day, 21 April 2023

St John’s Lutheran Church, Kingaroy was the setting where 30 ladies gathered for Rally Day, with the theme One body, one spirit, one hope. A welcome morning tea was followed with Holy Communion Service with Modern Liturgy, conducted by Orana Aged Care Chaplain, Jordan Bennett.

The president of Kingaroy fellowship welcomed all to the rally with an apology from Zone President, Nola Zerner. Elected office bearers for 2023-24 were: President, Nola Zerner; First Vice President, Bev Jorgensen; Second Vice President, Pam Prange; Secretary, Joan Yappa; Treasurer, Karen Bryce; Extra members, Muriel Hess and Evelyn Dunemann.

The zone project for the year will be “Eva’s Place”. The offering of the day of $510 will benefit “The Pantry” in Kingaroy which supplies food and grocery items for the needy.

Jordan Bennett led the Bible Study, Ephesians 4:1–16 Wholeness for a Broken World. During the discussion as a group, we learnt that we need to be united with each other but need not necessarily be the same. We are connected to the Spirit through Holy Communion when we remember Christ’s death and resurrection. We also recognise we all have different talents; we can each use our talent, whatever it is, to love and serve each other, and our journey of faith will grow, and we can all look forward to eternity with our Lord and Saviour.

After lunch, we met again in the church. Janice Hogan addressed us on the theme, then beautifully sang They need you, They need me, They need Christ, emphasising we need to share the good news of our hope in Christ Jesus with everyone.

The afternoon guest speaker was Jenny Hoare from “Eva’s Place” (which is a not-for-profit organisation), helping pregnant teens and mothers-to-be with planning and making decisions for the future. There is support from trained counsellors as well as gifts of baby clothes etc., and hire options for cots, prams etc. “Eva’s Place” also helps with issues of domestic violence, homelessness and drug problems. There are 50 Christian volunteers covering four towns including Toowoomba, Dalby, Roma, and Kingaroy who work to help these people in need.

A most enjoyable day was completed with a devotion read by Joan Crumpton, followed by a quick cuppa before everyone made their journey home.

Judy Guse, Reporter

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