Where two or three gather in my name, …

Groups of women who come together under God for Bible study and fellowship vary from barely half a dozen to around fifty in number. No matter what the size of the group or where it is, our women have the same reason to meet.

Historically our women not only gather together, but they go out and do big things for others in their local congregations and communities, and not only on a state and nation level but also internationally. Some forty or so years ago, our women were visiting those in hospitals and nursing homes, helping at day care centres and supporting the young people in their midst.

Some snippets collated from some of our magazines from 1980-81

April 1980 saw the beginning of a congregation in the northern suburbs of Perth, and a women’s guild was formed the following year. Concordia Ladies Guild at Duncraig had a young group of women attending; the average age of the members was around 30!

Many guilds presented their guest speakers with an LWA souvenir spoon. These were very popular items!

Western Australia experienced problems with their convention program when their guest speaker from interstate could not attend. No, it wasn’t COVID, that time it was an aviation strike!

Looking for ideas for speakers? These were some our women enjoyed. The mother of quads who told of her experience both before and after their births, a palliative care nurse, an expert embroiderer (together with samples of her work), a floral artist, an overseas traveller, a garden nursery assistant, a bread baker, a potter, a social worker and a prison chaplain.

In 1981 LWA met together in Convention at Toowoomba, Queensland. The venue was St Paul’s Lutheran Church. It was reported that due to “spiralling costs in printing and postage” Lutheran Women subscription donations were increased to $2.00 for 1982 and to $2.50 in 1983. The LWA Council was empowered to adjust prices according to inflation if necessary.

Another decision was made regarding finances: “to offset increased administration costs and travelling”. Membership donations were increased from 10 cents to 20 cents per annum!

However, when comparing the value of money some forty years ago, the financial statement for the 1978-1981 triennium showed that nearly $150,000.00 had been given to LWA projects!

Whether our women’s groups are small or large, it is humbling to see what women who have a common purpose can do when they are moved to serve.

… there am I with them. Matthew 18:20 NIV

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Grace Bock

Grace has a passion for Lutheran Women of Australia, having served as President and Editor of Lutheran Women. She is a member at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Adelaide SA and is part of the Editorial Team.

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