Trinity Women’s Fellowship, Tailem Bend

At the beginning of 2019, Trinity Women’s Fellowship, Tailem Bend became a member of the new, (SA) Mallee Parish of ten congregations from Murrayville to Karoonda. This had come about after much discussion and prayer.

We had been without a pastor since 2017 when Pastor Matt Buse returned to America. In the absence of a pastor, the Ladies Fellowship used the Bible studies in the Lutheran Women magazine, with members participating to make our meetings very interesting to attend. We also made beanies etc., for LCC.

We were very thankful to God when he brought us Pastor Tony Traeger, who joined Pastors Dan Rooney and Peter Heintze, to minister to the new Mallee Parish. What a difference it made when we had a pastor to lead us in our Bible studies!

Pastor Tony had hardly settled in when he was hospitalised with an infection. Once he recovered, we announced that our Fellowship was to host the Lower Murray Zone Fellowship Day on 16 October 2019. That day was held with an attendance of 35 members from across a wide area.

We are looking forward to exchange visits with our new parish members and learning more about them.

Christian greetings,

Doreen Lutz, Secretary

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