The time for saving and the time for throwing away (Ecclesiastes 3:6b)

Eighteen months ago, we travelled to Lake Toba in Sumatra, Indonesia. I had stayed in the same area in 1981 so was keen to revisit. Back then I fell in love with the people and the place and thought, “This is what heaven will be like”. The scenery is spectacular from the plains of Medan through the four-hour drive into the mountains and across the seemingly bottomless volcanic crater lake.   There are aspects of the place that remain the same as my first visit. We stayed in the same ...
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About the Author

Julie Hahn

Julie Hahn is a writer, wife of a Medical Research Scientist, volunteer, mum, and mum-in-law of five thriving young adults, a quilter, and a rock-painter. She likes to do her little bit to encourage others. She is former columnist of ‘Heart and Home’ in The Lutheran and is currently working on several non-fiction and fictitious books. Julie worships and serves with The Ark Lutheran Church in Salisbury.