Lutheran Nurses honoured

Two Lutheran nurses have been honoured by the Lutheran Nurses Association of Australia (LNAA). Angela Uhrhane, of Wodonga, Victoria, was named the inaugural Lutheran Nurse of the Year. Lynette Wiebusch, of Adelaide, was named an honorary LNAA Life Member. The awards were officially announced on 12 May – International Nurses Day and, this year, the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale. Angela is currently serving as Pastoral Care Nurse at Lutheran Aged Care …

The Lamp Lady

A report in The Times during the Crimean War gave Florence Nightingale the title, “The Lady with the Lamp”. Recognised as the “founder of modern nursing”, she has left a lasting mark on sanitation and healthcare. She was born in Florence, Italy, on 12 May 1820 to English parents. This date is now universally recognised as International Nurses Day. When she was 16, Florence announced that she felt ‘called’ to become a nurse. Her parents …

The torso of a nurse is pictured. She is holding a clipboard and is writing notes on a paper on it. She wears a stethescope around her neck. Lutheran Nurses Assocation of Australia

Association supports Lutheran nurses

The Lutheran Nurses Association of Australia (LNAA) was established in 1991 as an auxiliary of the Lutheran Church of Australia, and as a support group for Lutheran nurses.

It has members throughout Australia. It was the ‘brainchild’ of the late Pastor Doug Tscharke, who was chaplain at the Lutheran Homes complex (LHI) in Glynde in suburban Adelaide at the time. He was concerned that, while the pastors of the church have their national and District pastors conferences and zone meetings, and the church’s teachers have their regular conferences, there was no comparable structure to provide support for the growing number of Lutheran nurses serving both in the church and in society at large.