St Petri Women’s Fellowship

Our fellowship has been very busy with Bible study, outings, fundraisers, guest speakers and other fun activities.

Our guest speakers have brought a range of issues to the forefront including dementia and school chaplaincy. A panel of ladies talked about dealing with the death of a loved one. Our soup and rolls luncheon was a great time of fellowship. Marie Heinrich shared with us the Diary of a Pioneer, which gave us an insight into the daily life of our early settlers. We celebrated the fellowship’s 95th birthday in August with a cake, which was cut by the two oldest members present, after which we looked at a display of very old games and attempted to play some of them.

Some of our fun activities have included: “Little Bo Peep” and “Little Boy Blue”, testing our knowledge of nursery rhymes; Lent bingo; card making and Christmas lunch. We had a Blooming Spring Day where members brought a variety of blooms, both real and created. A mystery outing in May saw us having afternoon tea at the Barossa Valley Chocolate Company.

If we needed to sum up our fellowship in five words, they would have to be faith, fun, food, fellowship, and fundraising.

Dagmar Preusker

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