St Mark’s Women’s Fellowship, Underdale

We are a very small group, but we are happy to meet monthly and remain affiliated with LWSA-NT.

After our meeting, Pastor Welke leads us in Bible study after which we enjoy lunch and a chat. In May and October, we meet with our sisters from Glandore.

It is a privilege to take part in the World Day of Prayer annually, this year it will be hosted by the Anglican Church.

During winter we will again sell soup after service on Sundays and this year we will sell ice cream during the summer. The money raised is donated to LWSA-NT projects. Thank you to everyone involved with the producing the Lutheran Women magazine. I am sure we were all inspired by the poem in the October/November edition written by Angela Ziersch to celebrate LWWA’s 50 years. Dear Lord, thank you for the encouragement of fellow believers to help us on our journey.


Jackie Standish

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