Results of the Guild/Fellowship Voting

The [retiring] LWA Executive wish to thank all Guilds/Fellowships for the replies to the two Proposals the LWA recommended for your consideration. Outstanding results of the two Proposals voted on are:

Proposal 2: A special offering taken by the Guilds/Fellowships throughout Australia in place of the Convention offering to support the Australian Lutheran College Women’s Auxiliary (ALC) and Malaysia Women’s Care and Counselling Centre, shared equally. 

Thank you for approving the LWA Convention 2021 offering projects with your donation of $18 804.10 – that is $9 402.05 to each project as at 17 October.

WA – 7 Yes Vic/Tas – 18 Yes SA/NT – 60 Yes and 3 No Qld – 56 Yes NSW – 17 Yes

Proposal 5: That we increase subscriptions to Lutheran Women magazine to $14 per subscriber per year (6 issues), starting in February 2022. Subscriptions to be posted individually.

This Proposal resulted in a majority YES vote by those State Guilds and Fellowships who replied.

WA – 6 Yes and 1 No Vic/Tas – 18 Yes  SA/NT – 56 Yes and 7 No Qld – 54 Yes and 2 No NSW – 16 Yes and 1 No

Thank you for your prompt replies to these Proposals and we wish the newly installed LWA Executive Committee God’s blessings and guidance for their three-year term in office.

Linda Niewand, Retiring LWA Secretary

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