President's Reflections

President’s Reflections – April/May 2022

What does it mean to pray “Your Kingdom come”?

We all know that there is a heavenly kingdom where we long to go when our time on earth is ended. So, what about now?

Our earth is many thousands of years old. History has been recorded and we can read of many rulers, many kings, who have reigned over kingdoms in various parts of the world. Some have ruled to their “ideals”. Many people have suffered at the mercy of these so-called kings. How we long for a time with no such suffering. As Christians, we know that there is a king, a ruler, more powerful than any of the worldly kings.

Through Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS), we know of countries where the people are, or have been, at the mercy of some such rulers. Not only injustices, but sometimes natural disasters like flood, fire, famine, make for unpleasant times, but we can be thankful that ALWS does work with international agencies to assist these people. Also, thank you for your support of LWA projects, determined with the assistance of LCA Mission International, helping to make for a better life in some of these countries.

As citizens of God’s kingdom, we need not fear history. We need not fear current events. The Bible tells us that a man from Nazareth, who walked this earth 2000 years ago, is the ultimate King who will come back and restore what is right in the world.

Your kingdom come, teaches us how to pray, not only for the future but also the present. As much as it is a vision of the world to come, it is also a willingness to give ourselves to the kingdom way of life Jesus wants us to live while here on this earth. It’s a prayer for the Church to become a window into the kingdom, to reflect the values and ethics, and for us to be ambassadors for the kingdom.

We all have hopes of life in the heavenly kingdom, where there will be peace, love, everything perfect – a place devoid of all the unpleasantries of this earthly life. In the meantime, let us keep God’s name holy, share the love and peace we know with all whom we meet, encouraging them on their journey, or inviting them to join us on our journey.

Our journey through the season of Lent is almost ended. Some of us will have met during each week for a time of remembering the suffering endured by our Lord, and again been reminded of the grace and salvation which were secured for us by his atoning death on the cross. Let us be forever thankful for this great sacrifice.

Every blessing to you all.

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  1. Grace you are an awesome person – love you – and it is a pleasure to work with you in the church office most Fridays – Kaylene

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