Life lessons through change

Sometimes the winds of change in our lives blow fairly strongly and sometimes it’s merely a soft breeze. For me, when it comes to my career, it’s been a constant and welcomed wind tunnel! The concept of “career” and “working” has always been a cornerstone of my values, because being of service in the roles I chose (or that chose me perhaps …), has driven me from career to career for all of my working life. This seems to generally amaze people who struggle to keep up with just how ...
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About the Author

Melanie Dancer

Melanie has worked extensively in a range of areas within the human services sector, on Boards, and in executive roles involving aged care reform – specifically the impact that it’s had on consumers and their families, carers and representatives. Her background is heavily weighted in community development and social services including as an expert criminal investigator, senior advisor of complaints abuse and exploitation, and as a manager and course designer for accredited training organisations.