“Crazy Cupcake Capers” AGM (Always Great to Meet) – St Petri, Nuriootpa


Firstly, thank you to all our beautiful generous ladies, who baked and made and decorated and voted and laughed and chatted and voted some more. You are all a wonderful blessing in our community!

So, we: gathered, greeted, laughed, voted, sang, listened, prayed, sang, discussed, voted, clapped, thanked, prayed, chatted, and voted some more. Then we had afternoon tea (Yum!) and voted again!

Yes, we even fitted in some serious “meeting stuff”!

Our Leadership Team for the 2020/21 year was voted into their appropriate positions: one coordinator; two secretaries; one treasurer; and three team members.

Then we have a whole host of ladies doing all sorts of things: Lutheran Women magazine “rep”; three pianists; four catering team members and three special birthday visiting team members.

A huge Thank you was also given to four ladies who stepped down from the Leadership Team.

And, as for the Crazy Cupcake Capers (not all cupcakes were edible, there were even crafty ones too – dozens of them!) there were 5,530 votes! Mostly in five and 10 cent pieces = $55.30. Thank you to all our makers and bakers and the voters – as you can see from the photos, the tables were full!

On the same day, our fellowship also supported the Lutheran Community Care Christmas Hampers, donating two quite large boxes of toys and books as well as $192.80 in monetary donations.

God bless you all. Your generosity and caring hearts are overflowing yet again.

Marlene Schubert, Treasurer

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