Brinkworth – Snowtown – Blyth Women’s Guild

It is unusual to be writing a report under the circumstances that Australia now finds itself in. Praise God we still have the freedom to be able to encourage each other by phone, internet, and prayer.

Having lost our President, Esma Krieg, in May 2019, our numbers have reduced. But we gained four members from the Blyth congregation, when their Guild closed. Our attendance is now an average of four to eight per meeting.

We have also been blessed with a new minister, Pastor Greg Vangsness (LW Bible Studies Feb-July 2018). Bible Studies from Lutheran Women are devoured with great delight.

Our members are generous in giving to projects. At present, due to restrictions – no services – no Guild – no “Girls’ Night Out” – we give thanks in having our awesome God who protects us.

May we be able to acknowledge him in all circumstances.

Rhonda Klemm

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