Australian Lutheran College (ALC) Pastoral Students Support Update

In July 2021, the Lutheran Women of Australia (LWA) Executive made changes to support the ALC Pastoral Students.

The following changes are:

  1. To increase the amount of money gifted to the Pastoral Students.
    Given the changes to the Pastoral Program, the LWA have amended this encouragement gift, from the first year Pastoral Students to the third year Pastoral Students, to be used to purchase their Albs.
    This gift will increase to $500 per student, commencing at the start of 2022 and will subsequently be given to each third year Pastoral Student annually.
  2. Each Pastoral student will also be gifted the Lutheran Women magazine for the time that they are a Pastoral student at ALC. As at the time of writing this article (mid February), the student enrolments had only just closed, so exact numbers are not known for 2022.

Letters regarding the magazine being gifted to them, advice of the $500 gift for third year Pastoral Students, also the availability of financial assistance, will be provided to the students by email soon.

About the Author

Maureen Turner

Maureen is part of the editorial team for Lutheran Women and is a member at St Petri Lutheran Church, Nuriootpa SA.

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