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Woden Valley ACT, Immanuel Ladies Women’s Fellowship, continued to meet throughout 2021, although we did have to make concessions to meet the COVID-19 guidelines. We sat at a larger grouping of tables in the church hall, records of attendance were kept, masks were worn (except when eating), no unnecessary touching, and we brought our own individual lunches. Of course, there was much sanitising and cleaning going on! All strange at first but everyone adjusted quickly, and it became the “new norm”. At our AGM in November, we thought that 2022 would be relatively virus free. Only two months later, as I write, that has all changed again!

Pastor Tim Muller continues to lead our Bible Studies giving insight and leadership, encouraging participation from everyone. The studies from our Lutheran Women magazine are used, as we find them appealing, informative and helpful. It is also useful, for those who like to think about the subject matter in advance, to have individual printed copes which can be taken home for further reflection. It is great to have those studies, too, if Pastor cannot be present.

Normally we host three “Seniors Luncheons” for the elderly women and men, in our congregation, and new friends – two around winter and a Christmas one – but we felt that would be unwise in 2021. A planned Garage Sale was another deferral. Advent Evening, though, went ahead in early December and was very successful.

A major highlight of our year was hosting the annual LWNSW Convention on June 19 – it was a blessing that borders were open and travel possible.

It was great to get together most months for a normal meeting, especially when our Church services were being ‘live-streamed’. An oasis of relative normality centred around the Word of God – always an uplifting experience!

We pray for the members of all fellowships in NSW/ACT and throughout Australia. May you all enjoy a relatively normal year in 2022 – even if it is under COVID conditions.

Yours in his service,

Meryl Packer

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