Wait – there is a Chinese Lutheran congregation in Perth?

Hallelujah! This well-known phrase from the Bible is Hebrew and means “Praise the Lord!”. Praising God in all circumstances is something that can seem paradoxical in uncertain times like these where the COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it. And yet, we come across people who seem to be praising God ceaselessly through the great ups and horrible downs of life. That becomes a motivation and encouragement for us. Annie and Ku are people like that, focussed on giving God the glory in all things. Pastor Ku and ...
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About the Author

Maria Rudolph

After encountering Jesus and getting baptised while I travelled around Australia as a German backpacker, I completed a Bachelor of Theology at Australian Lutheran College in Adelaide and am currently studying towards a Bachelor of Ministry there. Together with my pastor husband Michael, we have lived and served in congregations in Newcastle, NSW and now in Perth, WA while also bringing up three lively children.