Underdale Women’s Fellowship 2021

Although our membership is small, and we do not have a resident pastor, we enjoy meeting regularly. The monthly Devotions and Bible Studies, printed in Lutheran Women are really appreciated, thank you to all who contribute.

In March, we took part in the World Day of Prayer, with 2021 focusing on Vanuatu. In 2022, we will be the hosts praying for people in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

In June, we combined with Unley Fellowship to host the Southern Zone Fellowship Day. The theme was Sharing Jesus Love. Tessa Joppich, of the Adoption group, touched all our hearts as she spoke of the joys and heartbreaks she faces daily. One of the highlights of the day was to listen and enjoy two choirs from Concordia College.

Blessings to guild members everywhere as we serve our Lord and care for one another.

Jackie Standish

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