The Lutheran Church in Cambodia

Rev Tuch Keov Sreyleak’s life is part of the story of the Lutheran Church in Cambodia. Rev Sreyleak comes from the village of Phum Krus in Cambodia. She is one of four children and was only eight years old when tragedy struck – her father died, and her mother left the family in the village. As the eldest, Rev Sreyleak became responsible for the care of her siblings, including finding food and education, as well …

What is hope in a time like this?

We live in a world where you don’t need to look far to find discouragement. The current covid-19 restrictions have devastated so many. While there have been countless acts of inspiring heroism and generosity, the crisis can seem insurmountable. And that’s just one thing. A volcano erupts in the Philippines. The US threatens war with Iran. Climate conditions worsen as political leaders continue to live in denial. The list goes on. Our hearts could break …

Chak-Mun is a Singaporean born Lutheran Pastor, preaching in Cambodia with the aid of Lutheran Church of Australia International Mission.

Lutheran Church of Cambodia

In Acts 16, the apostle Paul had a vision where the ‘men of Macedonia’ appeared before him and said, ‘Come over to Macedonia and help us.’ Concluding that God was calling him to go and preach the gospel there, Paul immediately packed up and went to serve in Macedonia.

Not many of us have such a powerful sense of purpose and calling, and perhaps even fewer respond to it so positively. But serving away from home in Cambodia, Singaporean Chak Mun is one who did respond to God’s call to ‘go over there and help’ and such has been his life ever since.