St Peters Ladies Fellowship – Port Macquarie

A group of people sit under the verandah of a house. They are socially distant. The are all reading from Lutheran Women magazine.

After COVID-19 restrictions, we are back! The ladies of St Peters Ladies Fellowship in beautiful Port Macquarie met for our first face to face fellowship in July. After many telephone calls, texts, and notes with one another during the lockdown period, we have been busy ever since making up for lost time.

  • We have been sharing wonderful BYO luncheons at the church before our Bible studies, taken from the Lutheran Women magazine each month, whilst enjoying the fellowship and catch up with each other.
  • Towards the end of July, we managed to put together 26 Birthing kits for PNG but, due to the COVID-19 restrictions and border closures, transporting them has proven difficult. We are currently looking at options available to us to get these parcels to Adelaide for shipping.
  • In October we enjoyed a fellowship lunch out, celebrating the easing of some of the restrictions.
  • We are looking forward to starting up our monthly fellowship coffees and lunches with the rest of our congregation next year!

As I write, we are looking forward to the Advent season and have begun to plan our annual donation drive to help out the local Women’s Refuge Centre, and to prepare for the Season.

Yours in Christ

Sherry Thompson

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