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Springton Fellowship celebrated 80 years with a Thanksgiving Service on 23 June. Pastor Peter Ziersch’s message concluded with a pictorial of photos from the 50th, 70th and 75th celebrations, followed by a prayer of thanks for the blessings received by members, and the congregation over all these years.

A complete list of office-bearers, along with activities: Bible studies, bus trips, luncheons for invited fellowships and our congregation, caterings with proceeds benefiting LWA and LWSA-NT projects was presented in written form for all to take home.

Greetings were received from former members and pastors, while six former members and six of our eight present members, joined in cutting the anniversary cake.

A plaque was dedicated in 2009 for our 70th Anniversary and placed on a church wall. We praise God for granting us another 10 years! Our future is in God’s hands.

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