Print Subscription for Groups (1 year)


Six issues of our 36 page magazine featuring Bible Studies, Devotions, Project News, Statelink and feature content.

This subscription type is only for fellowship groups.

Instructions for Group coordinators:

  1. Select the total number of copies for your group here on the subscription page
  2. Enter the individual subscribers’ names (including yours) and addresses in the given fields during checkout.
  3. If any person wishes to receive more than one copy please enter that person’s details the number of times for the number of copies. For example if Jayne Smith wants to receive three copies, then please enter her name and postal details three times. 

Please note that this subscription is for a calendar year (February/March edition to December/January edition inclusive).

Please note our definition of a subscription found on our magazine page.

A print subscription does not include access to the exclusive online-only content included in the digital subscription.