President's Reflections

President’s Reflections – October/November 2020

Did I speak to soon? If you live in Victoria that certainly was the case! I’m speaking about COVID-19. We are not out of the woods yet, in these uncertain times. Yet I am reassured every day in my devotions and through online Morning Prayer on YouTube. Yet through all of this, certain daily routines are still happening, these are reminders of what we should do – IN EVERYTHING GIVE THANKS. 

Filling in my time, I have rediscovered a collection of small books my husband, Geoff, gave me after our engagement – a young women making plans for the rest of her life. I was guilty of skimming through the words written, echoing in my head: “how romantic”, but in reality, not fully comprehending the true meaning of the words. I will share those words below.

God has ‘grown me’; he has been patient, leading me gently to where I am today. He placed into my path faithful Christians, whom I have no doubt prayed for me. How do we guide (lead, encourage) our youth of today? In this edition we encourage you to pray for our young people, besides your family members. Write down all the young people that have been baptised in your church, (active and inactive members) divide these names between your members and commit each day, that person or persons in prayer. You may like to send them a text to say that you are thinking of them (you may already be doing this, so thank you). There are numerous ways that we can share our faith.

Ask the question when you commit these young people in prayer; Do they know him? I don’t mean do they know of him or the Bible verses about him, but do they know about Jesus, as their Saviour. So pray that they have a personal relationship with the Lord! For whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life John 3:16 (NIV).

Pastor Dan leads us in studies called, God is a Farmer. God ‘the farmer’ provides for your growth; let God help you to grow our youth.

Read once through, then read again adding the BOLD 

BECAUSE (JESUS) YOU LOVE ME … I have found new joy, new experiences have highlighted my life, with glories growing more and more.
BECAUSE (JESUS) YOU LOVE ME … I may learn the highest use of every hour.
BECAUSE (JESUS) YOU LOVE ME … I can look through your dear eyes and see beyond the beauty of now… far onward to Eternity.
BECAUSE (JESUS) YOU LOVE ME … I wait with patience well possessed. (ONLY THROUGH GOD’S GRACE.)
BECAUSE (JESUS) YOU LOVE ME … all my life is circled with unquestioned rest. Yes, even life and even death is all unquestioned and all blest.

From Because I Love You American Greetings Corporation, Cleveland Ohio

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Wendy Habel

Wendy is President of Lutheran Women of Australia and a member of the Editorial team.

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