President's Reflections

President’s Reflections – February 2021

All things being New … Your guild or fellowship … OR YOU!

New Year, new beginnings! Did you wait till now for your thoughts to process what this year, for you or your group, might bring! While processing my thoughts before putting pen to paper, or I should say fingers to the keyboard, I am very aware of the many things I do not know. What will this year bring, with COVID-19 still in the pandemic state around the world?

I am visualising being with my family waiting to celebrate the season of Lent. Like a beautifully wrapped parcel for Christmas we celebrated our Saviour’s birth, now we look to Good Friday and Easter Sunday. These weeks in the Lenten season are set apart for deeper meditation on the suffering and death of Jesus. Many despised and rejected him then and, we see in this world today, it is not very different from 2000+ years ago.

Blessed assurance Jesus is mine (LH 863), is a hymn of trust. This is a hymn full of rejoicing in hope, a hope which centres in our God. Romans 12:12. God has given us life, which is deep within us, God has assigned us this, in and through our Baptism and in the death and resurrection of his dear Son, Jesus. God gives us new beginnings when we confess our sins, and through his death we are assured in his resurrection, as Christians, of the promise of a blessed eternity.

Devout people of the Old Testament looked for hope of their salvation in the coming Messiah. In the New Testament their hope was found in Jesus, and the Christians rejoiced in this hope.

With your new guild year beginning, there may be many challenges ahead, new ways to approach your traditional way of coming together. Some may not feel confident to attend. Continue to remember these ladies in your prayers encouraging them with phone calls or texts, so that they feel a part of, and still be connected with, you. Continue to pray and encourage the younger women, and the mothers of your congregations as they also have to adapt to new situations within their work and or children’s education. I know that you ladies have been going about these commitments without recognition, but I would like to acknowledge you and thank you and know that my prayers are with you.

May you be encouraged and challenged as you follow and study our Bible study contributors this year and may you all experience all things being new. Revelations 21:5 and Philippians 3:13,14.

I am praying that I will be able to meet and see many of you this year, either at your conventions or special events and I pray that you are all planning to come to the LWA Convention to be held in Horsham later in the year. A preliminary notice and details will be in this edition and following ones.


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Wendy Habel

Wendy is President of Lutheran Women of Australia and a member of the Editorial team.

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