President's Reflections

President’s Reflection – October 2019

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour,

For most of us, we have gone through the period of hibernating, trying to keep warm. The winter months allow us time to do those inside jobs, catch up on mending, rearranging cupboards, even throwing out those clothes from last winter that you thought could go one more season! Now we look forward to the spring, to new life sprouting around us, trees and shrubs showing new growth.

Do you have habits and routines that are so familiar that you do them without even thinking?

On the way to church last Sunday, my husband took his hands off the steering wheel and held them in the air. (We were on our dirt road!). To my exclamation of, “What are you doing?” his reply, “the car should know the way!”

Do you get up and fall into doing the same thing automatically and, then later in the day, wonder what you have done and where has the morning gone? That made me think how comfortable we get with our daily routines, like morning devotions. I don’t think that this is wrong, let me explain.

My daughter-in-law broke her Achilles tendon so, not able to drive, that put me on car duty to get the grandchildren to the bus for school, as a result my daily routine changed. This ended up a good thing because I was hanging out to get back to the house and read the devotion for the day. I found a renewed hunger for these devotions. I read and listened to what God was saying to me. Psalm 25:1–10.

School holidays came and my daily routine was back, spring had come, new growth. They (holidays) finished and it was back into a school bus schedule, but that is good.

Change in circumstances brought a renewal in me. I like (love) my daily devotions, Jesus’ love for us is so great that he chooses our needs ahead of his own, he gave up his life so that we may live. Through devotions God speaks to us, strengthening us through his Word. Let them speak to you personally.

What great gift has God given you? How does this influence your interaction with other people (family, church, work, school, community etc.) and with your environment? Pastor Glenn reminds us, in his Bible Studies this month, that, as Christians we need to also remember our roots – we were (and are) sinners, our gifts are not owned by us but are supplied by the Holy Spirit for the benefit of the Church, and through the Church, the benefit of others.

Lord, you never stop teaching me. Help me to learn and not shy away when you call me to change. Amen.



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Wendy Habel

Wendy is President of Lutheran Women of Australia and a member of the Editorial team.

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