Papua New Guinea (PNG) Birthing Kits

The following information has been supplied by LCA International Mission for anyone wishing to prepare Birthing kits for use in Papua New Guinea. Please cut out these instructions, or copy them, and put in a safe place so you have a reference, when required, or you can access this information any time by going to

Birthing kits are used by the village midwives to help them with clean and safe deliveries. They are also used in Aid Posts and Rural Health Centres encouraging mothers to go for safe deliveries under supervision and help provide a caring environment from the carers to the mother. The birthing kits help to stress the importance of a clean environment for the new-born. For the mother, it is a kit much anticipated and appreciated as many come barehanded for the birthing experience.

  • 1 metre square of plastic (no particular thickness or quality is required, since it is used to provide a clean area for the delivery and then discarded or used by the mother for other purposes)
  • 1 metre square of old linen to cover the plastic, can also be used by the mother after delivery
  • 2 cloth nappies (not disposable) which may be second hand or made of flannelette material (60 cm x 60 cm)
  • 2 safety/nappy pins, useful but not essential
  • 1 face washer or 6–10 pieces 15 cm x 25 cm (6 x 10 inches) of old linen to be used as wipes for mother and baby
  • 2 x 20–25cm (8–10in) pieces of ½ inch cotton tape for cord ties (can be bought at Spotlight) or half inch strong ribbon
  • 2 disposable gloves
  • 1 normal size cake of soap
  • 1 baby size singlet (new-born size) may be second hand
  • Pack in a press seal or zip lock (27 cm x 33 cm) plastic bag to keep items clean and dry
  • A small text card from LLL can be added (a Pidgin text version is available, number 70258)

We also welcome any surplus items or monetary donations (for the freight of the kits to PNG).

Please forward assembled kits to LCA International Mission, 197 Archer Street, North Adelaide, South Australia, 5006.

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