LWWA Fellowship Day 2020


Over 60 ladies and a few men joined us at Rockingham/Mandurah Lutheran Church on Saturday 31 October 2020 for a Reformation style theme We are Women Serving Christ.

Marj and Judith, from Esperance, were once again available with their Christian bookshop with lots of cards, Bibles, devotion books, Christmas nativity scenes, DVDs, and many more interesting items for sale.

Everything was COVID SAFE with the usual hand sanitiser and Holy Communion wafers in patty pans and individual cups for the wine. Each lady took their own lunch. This was a first time for WA as usually we have this catered for, as convention is too. Pre-packaged biscuits were on the table for morning and afternoon teas.

The day commenced with a few songs. Two were in memory of two of our lovely ladies who had died, Pamela Heath and Claire Robins, and the last one, the theme song for the day Fill our hearts with such devotion.

Pastor Glenn Crouch, our spiritual leader, led us through Bible study on the women serving Jesus! After Jesus’ death on the cross; their emotions and reactions to the events that followed at the tomb and the resurrection, based on Matthew 27:55–61, Luke23:55,56 and Matthew 28:1–10, 18–20, 37–40.

Three ladies were out the front to play celebrity heads, displaying people from the Bible. Some were easy for them to guess and some were very challenging, like Pharaoh, Ruth, Eve and Noah.

The afternoon session commenced with a short skit, performed by Dianne Adams, Jenny Forrest, Angela Ziersch and Karen Crouch titled, “Why didn’t you tell me?” This was about two friends who were killed in a road accident and discussing, in between being taken to heaven or hell, about how one should get to heaven. But one friend didn’t share her belief in Jesus, so one went off with the angel and the other with the devil.

Our guest speaker, Pastor Matt Bishop from Morley, spoke to us about Katy Luther and how she was such a powerful woman, living in a time when women only looked after the home and cooked meals. But Katy proved that you can do anything you put your mind to, and did many things and a variety of work and business undertakings.

Each person present was given a white rose with Luther’s colours tied around the stem: Black, for faith in Christ crucified; Red, for faith in our Saviour; Blue, for the joy of faith in the spirit – the beginning of heavenly joy to come; Gold, our joy in heaven lasts forever and has no end and White, to show faith gives joy, comfort, and peace.

The day closed with a service conducted by Bishop Mike Fulwood with Holy Communion.

Many friendships were renewed, and new ones developed.

Submitted by Jenny Forrest

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